Apart from having a nice and modern design, Willy also has a functionality behind it. The base module is rounded, this creates more floor space in a cabin where there is a lack of space. The base module is also to be used for storage either with a drawer or a simpler solution where you can open the bottom of the cabinet to store shoes, bags etc.

Willy locker doors are covered with textile. They are both creating a softer environment to protect the seaman against hard surfaces when the ship is rolling, and also creates a sound absorbing quality . This is very important in an environment that is already filled with hard surfaces that reflects the sound. The doors are impregnated to be easy to clean. The doors can easily be changed as they are fixed to a back-plate with Velcro, this means that the customer can change the look of a cabin only by changing the textile covers on the doors.
The Willy sofa can be custom made according to specific dimensions to use 100% of the space in a cabin.

To summarize, By choosing Willy you do not only get a very nice and modern furniture, you will also get a lot of smart and valuable functions that creates an environment seamen will love to work in.

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