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consists of Vestnes Ocean AS, Vestnes India Pvt Ltd, ScanaccSp. z o.o., and Vestnes Turkey and are suppliers of forward thinking interior solutions, who deliver “turnkey” solutions of ship interior and outfitting. Vestnes Norway accommodation group provides complete services such as design, engineering, insulation, wall systems, flooring solutions, ceilings, galley equipment, curtains and their own furniture lines “Willy” and “Keys” which they have developed together with professional designers and potential users. The group make sure that client gets the quality and design they desire in the living quarters.



Where it all started

Vestnes companies are a family owned business. It started in 1987 when Mr Jostein, Mrs Eirin and Mr Odd Bjørnset, (Odd is the son of Jostein and Eirin),  took over a factory in Vestnesveien 33 in Florø. The factory was manufacturing electrical heaters for households in addition to the workshop cabinets that we still are manufacturing. Mr Jostein Bjørnset was involved already in 1963 when they moved the production of the heaters from Oslo to Floroe, the company was then called Ekvator. From 1963 to 1987 the company have had several names and Jostein was always involved in the company as a foreman or a production leader but it was first in 1987 they decided to establish the company for themselves and continue the production. Eirin and Odd had also been working in the production for several years as production workers.

In 1989 Vestnes Produkt established an own department for outfitting of interiors on ships as Kleven yard decided to start up building ships in Floroe. In 1994 the other son, Mr Jonny Bjørnset joined the company as an owner. Since then, he has been running the accomodation department. In 1998 this department was established as a separate company called Vestnes Innredning. Since the startup of the interior outfitting in 1989 we have delivered complete interior solutions to more than 40 vessels such as chemical tankers, juice carriers, coastguards and offshore supply vessels in addition to many rebuilding projects. Vestnes Innredning also established a land based interior department, specializing in furniture for public environments such as offices. We are distributors of furniture from several known manufacturers such as Kinnarps and Savo among others. Our location has been in Leirvaaggt. 1 in Florø.

In 2007, Jostein and Eirin decided to go out of the ownership in the company. The stocks were taken over by the 3 sons; Odd, Jonny and Roger Bjørnset. Odd and Jonny are active in the company and Roger is running the property company Vestnes Eiendom. In 2009 we sold the factory in Vestnesveien 33 and moved the production to the same location as Vestnes Innredning in Leirvaaggt 1.   In 2010 we built our new administration building and this is now our head office. We are proud to say that we built it ourselves and it has our modern solutions installed. We have our showroom here and new modern office premises.

The 1st of January 2011 Vestnes Innredning AS changed name to Vestnes Ocean, Vestnes Produkt changed name to Vestnes Land and Vestnes Holding changed name to Vestnes Norway. Vestnes Eiendom exists as before. Our land based interior solutions is an department in Vestnes Ocean and Vestnes Land manufacture Vestnes Produkt`s workshop cabinets sort under Vestnes Ocean.

Scanacc in Poland was created in 2015 and Vestnes Turkey i 2018.

Our Products

Furniture Design

for the good life onborad

Vestnes Ocean has designed and developed two furniture collections, Willy and Keys, specifically for maritime and offshore environment. They are developed in close cooperation with professional designers, offshore maintenance personel and experienced seamen.


Your island at sea...

Vestnes Ocean in collaboration with Ralston and Bau design group, have developed a new furniture line for offshore and maritime market.The Keys collection is designed and developed specially for offshore environment, considering the user needs as well as practicality and market demands. Our new furniture line is a modular collection which is flexible and space efficient.


for the good life onboard...

Willy is a specialized furniture line for the unique and demanding environment onboard vessels. This collection has been developed in collaboration with Ralston & Bau design agency.  In the design process we have worked closely with the end users of the furniture as well as outfitters and stakeholders. The result has become a highly flexible product that covers various needs and demands of users.

Inspired by the movie star whale “Willy”, this collection is featuring round shaped modules and soft details which makes it ideal for the harsh environment aboard ships.  Apart from the visual effects that these features have, the modular based design makes this furniture line extremely adaptive and easy to assemble at different environments. This will also lower the installation time significantly, resulting in a cost efficient solution for our customers.

The Willy furniture line comes in various color collections, making it especially customizable for each customer. You can choose from our existing collections or make your very own color collection to match the rest of the interior.

Workshop Cabinets

Workshop Cabinets

Vestnes Ocean’s workshop cabinets are specially adapted to be used on-board ships and offshore. We have developed the cabinets in cooperation with users from ships and offshore installations. This has resulted in a high-quality product with exceptionally good utility value. The use of thick electrolytic  galvanized panels means the cabinets have a very long life span. The cabinets can also be produces in acid-proof stainless steel.

Our cabinets are made from 1.25 mm thick panels, giving a high-quality finish. The sides, back, shelves and door frames are screwed together to ensure good stability and prevent rattling.  The cabinets can be delivered without doors and with open shelves, which have a front lip to prevent objects from falling out. The drawer shelves have a spot-welded lining and come with drawer stoppers. All our models are made of electrolytic galvanized panels, have strengthened bases and are powder coated.


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