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Knowledge, experience and quality

Vestnes Ocean is a Scandinavian supplier of forward thinking interior solutions. We deliver “turn key” supplies of ship interior and outfitting. Vestnes Ocean provides complete services such as design, engineering, insulation, wall systems, flooring solutions, ceilings, galley equipment, curtains and of course our own furniture lines “Willy” and “Keys”  which we have developed together with professional designers and seamen. We make sure you get the quality and design you will want to have in a living quarter. Some of our references is major shipowners of Chemical tankers, juice carriers, PSV`s, Pipe laying vessels and fishing vessels.

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Willy furniture line (old)


Willy is a specialized furniture line for the unique and demanding environment onboard vessels. This collection has been developed in collaboration with Ralston & Bau design agency.  In the design process we have worked closely with the end users of the furniture as well as outfitters and stakeholders. The result has become a highly flexible product that covers various needs and demands of users.

Inspired by the movie star whale the Willy, this collection is featuring round shaped modules and soft details which makes it ideal for the harsh environment aboard ships.  Apart from the visual effects that these features have, the modular based design makes this furniture line extremely adaptive and easy to assemble at different environments. This will also lower the installation time significantly, resulting in a cost efficient solution for our customers.

The Willy furniture line comes in various color collections, making it especially customizable for each customer. You can choose from our existing collections or make you very own color collection to match the rest of the interior.

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Keys Furniture Line (old)


Vestnes Ocean in collaboration with Ralston and Bau design group, have developed a new furniture line for offshore and maritime market.The Keys collection is designed and developed specially for offshore environment, considering the user needs as well as practicality and market demands. Our new furniture line is a modular collection which is flexible and space efficient.


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WILLY Colour Collection

The inspirations of the colour collection.

The Pacific. The Atlantic. The Indian Ocean. Most people can imagine the colours and smells or dream of great oceans. At least a sailor can.

The interior colours are based on a serial system. The furniture is available in three different colour and material combinations. The material and colour selection for the furniture in the Willy collections is the departure point for the entire room. You can choose between two colour schemes for the floor and curtains in the room. The textile for the sofas and doors follows the furniture colours.

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Workshop Cabinets


Long life span

Vestnes Produkt AS workshop cabinets are specially adapted to be used on-board ships and offshore. We have developed the cabinets in cooperation with users from ships and offshore installations. This has resulted in a high-quality product with exceptionally good utility value. The use of thick electrolytically galvanized panels means the cabinets have a very long life span. The cabinets can also be produces in acid-proof stainless steel.

Practical Solutions

Our cabinets are made from 1.25 mm thick panels, giving a high-quality finish. The sides, back, shelves and door frames are screwed together to ensure good stability and prevent rattling. The doors on our biggest cabinets have threepoint fastenings. The doors are assembled in an all-welded frame to prevent dust from getting in. The cabinets can be delivered without doors and with open shelves, which have a front lip to prevent objects falling out. The drawer shelves have a spot-welded lining and come withdrawer stops. All our models are made of electrolytically galvanized panels, have strengthened bases and are powder coated in colour RAL 9002 (light grey)


The cabinets can be delivered pre-assembled by the manufacturer or in kit-form for the customer to assemble on board. A fitter form Vestnes is also available if required. All our cabinets come with assembly instructions. There are 12 standard layouts, but the cabinets can be installed as you wish. If you require internal fittings made to measure, we are happy to help.

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Deep Energy

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Atlantic Ocean

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Pacific Ocean

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Indian Ocean

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General Gallery

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3D Visualization

Vestnes ocean can provide 3D visualization of accommodation areas, based on 2D drawings and client choices. This way the client will get a realistic realization of their final accommodation which would help to communicate all the details and ensure that the final result is according to their wishes. here you can see some examples of 3D visualizations we have delivered in previous projects.

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En totalleverandør av møbler til kontor og offentlige miljø

Vestnes Land er totalleverandør av møbler til kontorer og offentlige miljøer. Vi forhandler en rekke kjente merker innenfor disse områdene. Se nedenfor linker til våre mest kjente leverandører. Vestnes Land setter sammen forslag til løsning for å dekke deres behov innen møbler. Vi tegner ut innredningsforslag i 3D slik at kunden kan se hvordan møblene vil ta seg ut i lokalene etter de er montert. Våre montører monterer møblene komplett slik at man slipper å tenke på dette selv.

I tillegg til møbler kan vi også tilby totalinnredning av lokalene, vi leverer en rekke gulvtyper som parketter, belegg, teppefliser etc, vi leverer veggsystemer som systemvegger eller i glass, himlinger, dører o.l. Som dere også kan lese om under våre fargekolleksjon så har vi et ferdig konsept for både produkt og farger til dette formål.

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